PESO Davao City’s May Job Fairs: Uniting Job Seekers with Opportunities

SR Pasaporte

In a remarkable initiative to address unemployment and connect job seekers with potential employers, the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) in Davao City embarked on an impressive series of job fairs throughout the month of May. These job fairs, held in collaboration with various partners, predominantly universities, presented an extensive range of employment prospects.

Collaboration played a pivotal role in the success of PESO Davao City’s May job fair series. By joining forces with prominent universities and colleges, such as Davao Doctor’s College, University of Immaculate Conception, Colegio De San Ignacio, Jose Maria College Foundation Inc.,  Holy Cross College of Calinan, Davao City National High School, San Pedro College, and Rizal Memorial Colleges, PESO Davao City was able to leverage their networks and resources to create a dynamic platform for job seekers with a total of 10 job fairs hosted throughout the month, it resulted to more than 10,000 job vacancies available, encompassing both local and overseas opportunities.

The job fairs organized by PESO Davao City received an overwhelming response from job seekers, with a total of 4,412 applicants participating in these events. Among the participants, 282 individuals were Hired On The Spot (HOTS). Of this total, 82 were male, and 198 were female, demonstrating a gender-balanced representation and the commitment of PESO Davao City to fostering equal opportunities in the workforce, the on-the-spot hiring not only provided job seekers with immediate income and stability but also exemplified the efficiency of the job fairs in connecting employers with qualified talents. In addition to the immediate employment success, the job fairs also provided 2,188 individuals with the opportunity for further interviews. These candidates were shortlisted for subsequent stages of the hiring process, where they could showcase their skills and competencies to potential employers.

The collaborative approach with universities and colleges enabled a wider reach and a more comprehensive platform for job seekers. With an impressive number of job applicants, a vast range of job vacancies, immediate job placements, and further interview opportunities, these job fairs showcased the commitment of PESO Davao City to empower individuals and strengthen the local workforce. By fostering collaboration and providing equal opportunities, PESO Davao City’s job fairs served as a catalyst for employment and economic growth in the region.