by: SR Pasaporte

The Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of Davao City, in partnership with the University of Mindanao (UM), held a successful job fair on February 24, 2023, at the UM Bolton Gym. The event was well-received by job seekers from various parts of the city, with a total of 224 applicants coming from different backgrounds and industries, all hoping to find employment that matches their skills and qualifications. Many of the applicants came prepared, bringing resumes and flocking to the venue.

The job fair aimed to provide job opportunities for the residents of the city. The event was open to all job seekers, regardless of age, gender, or educational background. It featured 14 participating companies, 11 of which were local employers and 3 were overseas companies. These companies had a combined total of 1,581 job vacancies available, with 1,031 for local job opportunities and 550 for overseas employment, and offered a wide range of job opportunities, including administrative positions, sales and marketing, customer service, and technical jobs. The event also catered to overseas job opportunities, which were in demand among the job seekers in the city.

The job fair was a huge success, with 20 applicants being hired on the spot. Of the 20 hired applicants, 9 were male and 11 were female. This is a testament to the quality of the applicants who attended the event and the eagerness of these individuals to find employment. Overall, the PESO Davao job fair was a resounding success, providing job seekers with valuable opportunities and helping companies find the right talent. It is an excellent example of how job fairs can be instrumental in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers.