by: SR Pasaporte

The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the job market, causing many to lose their jobs and struggle to make ends meet. To help alleviate this issue, the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Davao, in collaboration with Councilor Enzo Villafuerte, organized a series of job fairs in the Toril, Tugbok, and Calinan Districts of this city. The Job Fairs were held on January 27 (Toril), February 3 (Mintal), and February 10 (Calinan), 2023.

The events featured a wide range of job openings, from entry-level positions to managerial roles, from various industries such as manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and more. Participating companies and employers offered job seekers the opportunity to explore job openings and learn more about the requirements and corresponding qualifications for each.

In total, an average of 26 companies participated in each job fair, with 22 being local companies and 3 being overseas companies, and attracted a total of 975 job seekers, 454 were male and 521 were female. Each job fair offered an average of 2,204 job vacancies, with an average of 1,518 job vacancies for local positions and 686 for overseas job vacancies.

The job fair proved to be successful, with 111 individuals being hired on the spot. Of those who were hired on the spot, 68 were male and 43 were female. Additionally, 284 applicants were scheduled for further interviews with the companies that participated in the job fairs.

The job fair aimed to provide employment opportunities for residents of Davao City and its neighboring municipalities to support the city’s efforts to address unemployment and underemployment. The events also aimed to promote local businesses and encourage the growth of the city’s economy.

The successful job fair hosted by PESO Davao and Councilor Enzo Villafuerte highlighted the importance of collaboration between the government and private sector in addressing the challenges of unemployment and creating a thriving local economy. It also underscores the need to provide more opportunities for job seekers in the region. The success of these job fairs is a clear indication that with the right initiatives, more job opportunities can be created, leading to a more prosperous and thriving community.